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From Arieh Markel <>
Subject Re: More problems with migration to 3.2
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2000 22:52:41 GMT

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> Subject: Re: More problems with migration to 3.2
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> Hi Arieh,
> I don't understand what happens - getting the writer
> and printing to is should work ( or it used to work - it's
> the most common operation ).
> Are you using the latest 3.2 - or what version ? We had
> few patches, but most of them seemed very inoffensive.
> If this happens to you then something is certainly broken...


thanks for the prompt reply.

It still happens ...

On occasion, I manage to get to the application.

The version I have is a snapshot I downloaded on Aug 17th.

However, when I reaccess the initial page, it puts out the warning that
the document contains no data, yet my tracess show that the printwriter.println
and flush are being invoked.

(As an aside, I saw that Nacho fixed the resource problem in the
Request facade - I fixed it locally on my copy and managed to get farther
along on that respect).

Just to clarify what our application does:

 . the working screen of the browser is composed of some 9 different
 . each one of those frames is 'connected' to a different servlet.
 . there are also HTML links that launch a separate browser instance
   with a URL pointing at a specific servlet (which displays its output
   in multiple frames).
 . there is a 'background' servlet that is able to update the different
   frames pseudo-asynchronously
What I see is that when launching servlets the warning of 'document
contained no data' is popped.

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