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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Catalina 1.0 vs. Tomcat 4.0
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2000 12:45:22 GMT
On Wed, Aug 09, 2000 at 11:30:50PM -0700, James Duncan Davidson wrote:
> on 8/8/00 11:04 PM, Craig R. McClanahan at
> wrote:
> > * Proposal for creation of a new CVS repository module
> > named "jakarta-tomcat-4.0", and renaming the current
> > CVS repository module from "jakarta-tomcat" to
> > "jakarta-tomcat-3.0".
> +1 on new development happening in jakarta-tomcat-4.0 (as CVS branches are
> nice, but not nice enough when it comes to turning code upside down and
> inside out.. :)

I don't want to open old wounds, but I thought I'd just explain my
tardy -1 (or -0 if I'm the only one) on renaming Catalina to Tomcat

The mandate of the Jakarta Project is to produce a servlet container
that implements version X of the servlet and JSP specs.  There's no
mandate for this container to always be named Tomcat.  

Fact: Catalina is (as everyone knows) a 99% different code base (I
think the connectors will be reused, and some of the utility classes).

Fact: Tomcat has a long history of being improved, bugs fixed,
robustness tested on thousands of platforms, tweaks and custom
features added; it will be a long time until Catalina has this level
of maturity.

Fact: Even once it does, there may be people who want to use custom
patches/Interceptors/etc., and will require support for their existing
Tomcat 3.x installs, and will most likely keep coming up with patches
for Tomcat 3.x.

Fact: many sites have customized the server.xml config file; as I
understand it, there will not be backwards compatibility for all
(any?) aspects of Tomcat's server.xml in Catalina (though I may be
wrong here).

Fact: Tomcat 3.x will soon support the new specs too, via Facades.

Fact: Catalina has many advantages too, and I trust Craig et al.'s
faith in the new design and code.

Speculation: If Catalina is released as Tomcat 4.0, then we will end
up with two separate products, with separate development efforts,
separate code bases, and unfortunately and confusingly, the same name,
leading to misunderstandings across the board.  E.g., if a security
hole or performance problem is discovered in one, then the reputation
of the other will suffer.

Proposal: that Catalina keep its name, and be designed for release as
Catalina 1.0, and we make it as clear as we can, on the web site and
in the docs and announcements, that Catalina is the recommended
container, and is where most new development will occur.

The only disadvantage I can see is that people will constantly ask,
"Which one should I use, Catalina or Tomcat," but this FAQ can be
answered clearly in big bold letters on both the Tomcat and Catalina
home pages and anywhere else that's appropriate.

I know that the change in name has already happened, and I apologize
for being on holiday when this thread was launched, but I'd like at
least a token attempt to convince me that these concerns have been
considered and deemed moot.

If there's an old thread where this was hashed out, please point me to
it (perhaps by date, so I can narrow my search of the archives).

Thanks for your indulgence -

 - Alex

Alex Chaffee             
jGuru - Java News and FAQs
Creator of Gamelan       
Founder of Purple Technology
Curator of Stinky Art Collective

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