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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Re: Tomcat startup time
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2000 12:40:22 GMT
> So I suggest the following simple fix, which will allow a fast startup with
> very small change in the code. It can be turned on simply by adding
> -Dtomcat.sessionid.insecure=true to your startup script.
> The advantage is that this fix is so simple that it can be applied in
> tomcat_32 without risk.


and here's my reason:

Server configuration should take place as much as possible inside
server.xml, for many reasons.  The biggest pragmatic one is, you can
have multiple server.xml files on a single host, but only one script, so all changes to apply to all hosts.

If it's easier to write code that checks for a property, then we
should take the time to improve the API for XmlMapper so that
developers (us) feel comfortable adding a setting to server.xml.

 - A

Alex Chaffee             
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