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From "Marcel Jansen" <>
Subject Re: suggestion for XMLMapper/Setparent
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2000 16:09:43 GMT
Coming back to a previous discussion:

My need is for handler objects that get "started" after the
adapters are started, they interface with the adapters and
need running sockets and threadpool. The problem is that
the initialisation of the interceptor happens before the
start of the adapters. I would find it useful if handlers would
receive a call after the start of the adapters.

One more question, I see lots of activity with changes
to the logging. I was trying to add a timestamp to the
log messages and found trying to subclass difficult, i.e.
"final" log methods in contextmanager make me use
TomcatLogger and prevent me from changing the log format.
Any improvements possible there?


>In general ContextManager is not supposed to change -
>the normal extension mechanism is to use Interceptors.
>Most of the time we deal with normal requests - if you have
>a special case it would be very interesting to learn about it
>and try to improve the architecture so we can handle it.
>Either by extending Interceptors, providing more callbacks
>or different semantics ( for example implement the same
>mechanism as in apache hooks - it seems apache 2.0 is now
>able to handle other protocols by using the same extension
>mechansim we use ).
>Again - if extending CM works for now - don't change it,
>maybe just make sure it works on 3.2.
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