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From "Marius Sorin Barduta" <>
Subject [BUG] PageContext.include should do a flush() on JspWriter
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 12:20:08 GMT
According  to JSP 1.1 specs, regarding the include method in PageContext:
"The current JspWriter "out" for this JSP is flushed as a side-effect of
this call, prior to processing the include."

The current version (v 1.14 2000/07/11 03:48:36) of
implements "include" as it follows:

public void include(String relativeUrlPath)
        throws ServletException, IOException
        String path = getAbsolutePathRelativeToContext(relativeUrlPath);
        context.getRequestDispatcher(path).include(request, response);

If the internal buffer of JspWriter contains something (written *before*
include) that will be written to OutputStream *after* include, not a desired

I guess an out.flush() should be added before the call to

The bug shows, for example, if you try to make your own version of
<jsp:include> tag.

best regards,


PS. I know there is a brand new bug reporting system, :-) I'll use it next

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