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From Stefan Freyr Stefansson <>
Subject Tomcat 3.2 SSL question
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 12:52:05 GMT

I've been monitoring the discussion on the Tomcat lists for about 3 weeks
now and I've seen people ask about SSL and the release date on Tomcat 3.2
final for a while but usually those posts receive little or at least vague

Therefore I would like (hopefully once and for all) to ask a few questions.
I hope I will receive some answers soon and I sincerely hope that these
answers will help others besides myself.

My first question is the obvious one.  When is Tomcat 3.2 final supposed to
come out?

The second question I have is about the SSL support in Tomcat 3.2.  I've
tried a little bit to get it up and running with little success.  That is
without any doubt my fault and I'm going to try a little harder before I
start bugging you guys about it.  But... I would like to know if Tomcat 3.2
SSL (once I get it up and running) supports two way authentication.  I need
the client to be able to verify that he/she is talking to the server he/she
believes he/she is talking to... (a lot of he/she's in there... anything to
be politically correct ;o) But I also need to be able to verify that the
client is who he/she says he/she is (this is ridiculous).  For that I need
two way authentication.

I saw somebody ask about this issue a while back but never saw any answers
to his (I'm pretty sure it was a he! ;o) post.  I would really appreciate it
if I could get an answer on these matters.

One other thing is about the licencing.  Our plan is to integrate Tomcat
into one of our own products.  The product is not a commercial product and
very unlikely that anybody could benefit from using this thing except for my
company...  I would like to know if it is allright to use Tomcat in such a
way?  Are there any limitations or fees???  We looked at the licence file
that came with the Tomcat download and the way we understood that was that
we could basically use it any which way we wanted given that we included
some things in our manual and didn't change the headers of the source files
(you know... the thing whith all the copyright thingys and such).

Kindest regards and thanks in advance,

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