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From "Marcel Jansen" <>
Subject Re: suggestion for XMLMapper/Setparent
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 08:25:39 GMT

You're quite right, I should put the startup and shutdown
extensions in a specialised Interceptor, no need for
a new ContextManager class.

I would only want the requests to be offered to the one 
special interceptor and not the dozen or so default ones;
I'm using a separate contextmanager/interceptor/connector
at present. Do you think this makes more sense than trying
to make it work alongside the default request handling?

I'm working on a snapshot that is about 2 months old and am
getting a creepy feeling that I'm missing out on many useful


>I'll check in the patch, but I can't do it before weekend,
>I have a lot of work. If anyone has more time please check it
>in - I can work on tomcat only weekends and 1-2 hours
>weekdays, and I want to finish what I started first.
>I'm still not sure why you need to extend ContextManager.
>Please give me more data - I think Interceptors should be
>used for extending tomcat.
>If all you need is start/stop some resident objects you can
>use the serverInit/shutdown callbacks - i.e. implement a
>ContextInterceptor and add your objects as normal
>interceptors to the config.
>The Context events will be cleaned up and you'll have
>simpler interfaces, but for now I think this should work.
>Take a look at server connectors ( the recent changes -
>they now implement Interceptor and no longer have
>"special" code in ContextManager )
>If your resource has a service method but is not a servlet
>you can use Handler.

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