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From "Steve Fyfe" <>
Subject RE: [BUG] Network connection reset while uploading large file
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 14:27:44 GMT
I'm sure you are correct that IIS has a way to limit the size of an upload. However, as I said
in my original message, this same servlet works on the same web server when using a different
servlet container. 

We are in the process of replacing our old servlet container with Tomcat (if we can get by
this problem), and the old setup works. When we installed Tomcat we did not change any IIS
settings except to install the isapi_redirect.dll. So it seems to me that the problem is in

I would love it if I could resolve this by changing the IIS options, but it does not seem
to be the cause of the problem. 


Steve Fyfe
CNI Corporation
Milford New Hampshire
(603) 673-6600

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Sent:	Wednesday, July 19, 2000 10:09 AM
To:	<>
Subject:	RE: [BUG] Network connection reset while uploading large file
I believe this is a web server configuration issue, not 
a Tomcat problem.  I was able to reproduce your problem 
with both Tomcat and JRun 3.0, with both IE and 
Netscape (and telnet, for that matter).

Apache has a set of directives:


that restrict the size of a request input stream.  
LimitRequestFieldsize, for example, has a precompiled 
default of 8192 bytes.  This provides a measure of 
protection agains denial of service attacks.

I expect that IIS has a similar restricting feature (I 
don't have it installed so I can't check).

Quoting Steve Fyfe <>:
> > I have discovered that when I attempt to upload a 
file larger than 40KB,
> Tomcat will just reset the network connection. As a 
result, IE shows an
> error screen with the message "Server or DNS not 
available", and Netscape
> gives an error message box saying "A network error 
has occurred while
> sending data (Connection reset by peer)."
> >
> >  Whenever I send a file that is smaller than 40KB, 
the response produced
> by the test servlet is correctly shown in the 
browser's window. But if I
> upload a file larger than 40KB using the exact same 
configuration and
> servlet, the code in the servlet is executed but the 
web page produced by
> the servlet never appears - the browser's error 
message appears instead.

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