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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: Sorry, bug tracking again (not bugzilla related)
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 22:16:55 GMT

Recently  I had tried to install jCVSlet, the servlet supposed to 
present in HTML the code and structure present under a CVS repository.
These are the same author(s) as BugRat.

Turned out the only way I could install it was under the ROOT (or 
whatever "/" content-path webapp). This is not too hard and actually 
allows links to be served in an absolute fashion as opposed to a 
relative one.

I really think this can fix half of your stuffs.


At 15:43 -0600 19/07/00, Dima Nechitaylenko wrote:
>See, I was installing a package called BugRat,
>and had problems with class under tomcat.
>Now, I wanted to ask everybody if they had ever tried bugrat, but,
>I understand I first have to introduce this Java/MySQL bug tracking
>tool to those of you, who talk only about one cgd-based tool and
>another non-existent yet. Go check it out, I know it works fine
>with JServ, but I need to start it under tomcat and I want help in

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