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From <>
Subject mod_jserv to be updated before 3.2 release ?
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2000 20:21:58 GMT
Hi guys,
just wondering if the updates and bug fixes to mod_jserv in the latest
version of Apache JServ are going to be rolled into tomcat ? 
These are the bug fixes i grabbed from the changelogs :

fixed some issues with load balancing and uneven distribution of servers
as a result of those that are marked as down. thanks to Christos Zoulas (JSS). 

Fixed Bug Id: mod_jserv/6108 JservSessionId is not found in Query -> Load
balancing fails when cookies are not used Thanks to Jerome Waibel. (JLR) 

Fixed Bug Id: mod_jserv/6087 encoding should be ISO-8859-1 instead of
ISO8859_1 Thanks to (JSS)  

Fixed Bug Id: mod_jserv/6099 Problem
with serialization of sessions on class reload Thanks to Babak Kunze.
Fixed possible problem with SessionID-uniqness on servers with heavy
load (HZ)

fixed potential buffer overflow in jserv_balance. thanks to JSS for the
find (JLR) 


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