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From "René Salle" <>
Subject Problems in win32 environment
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 21:45:52 GMT
I'm running the last tomcat's binary nightly build available, i.e. the one
posted on 7/5/00 (by the way, why are there only 0 bytes posts since then?),
on both win98 and winnt 4.0 (sp6) for test purposes.

I'm using sun's JDK 1.3 in both cases.

I've noticed what could be seen as two problems:

1/ All the .bat batches coming with tomcat are using Unix oses convention
for end of line, i.e. only one byte (0x0a). That's bad, for bat files rely
on end of lines to parse instructions, and 0x0a isn't recognized for such.

Many MS system's users seem to complain about this. It's sometime possible
to remedy to that by editing these files and writing them back on disk, but
this depend on the text editor you're using, many on this platform don't
correct this problem.

2/ Similarly, the same is happening to log files. Though globally improved,
on MS platform they are readable only after 'UNIX->DOS EOL char' conversion.

That's true of these three, with this configuration:

    <Logger name="tc_log"
            verbosityLevel = "DEBUG"
            timestamp="yes" />

    <Logger name="servlet_log"
            verbosityLevel = "DEBUG"
            timestamp="yes" />

    <Logger name="JASPER_LOG"
            verbosityLevel = "DEBUG"
            timestamp="yes" />

Though for tc_log, end of lines are correct when exceptions are reported.

I was thinking that Java took care of that kind of cross-platform problems
(using println instead of print "...\n" etc.).

The 3.1 release of tomcat wasn't behaving like that, if I remember well. So
I was wondering if something went bad since then.

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