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From "Peter Ondruska" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat deployment in real world
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 11:54:14 GMT
Comment on this:

I was trying to configure Tomcat + Apache so that Apache handles jsp files 
only. I succeeded but if I have for example 404 error it receive 404 page 
from Tomcat and not from Apache where I have redirection to a "notfound.htm" 

So, what am I doing wrong? I followed the docs.

I posted this long time ago to faq-o-matic but got no answers yet.


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From: Rajesh Nair <>
Subject: Tomcat deployment in real world
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 10:23:36 -0500

Hi Everyone,

I have been going through the docs on Tomcat from the jakarta site (Tomcat
- A minimalistic User's guide).
Although I have it setup to work with Apache, I noticed that the document
states it's not wise to deploy
Tomcat as a standalone container citing that it is not as fast, robust etc
as Apache. My questions are:

1. What are the limitations on Tomcat in terms of robustness: Can it handle
only so many hits? Is there
     an actual number to this limitation?
2. Is there any plan to make it a robust, real world deployment container,
especially since this is a java program?
3. This is more of a general Apache question : is there any chance of
Apache being built with Tomcat integrated
     into it in the near future?

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