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From Larry Isaacs <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Fix for nested <%@ include ... %> bug
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 21:16:23 GMT
It has already been acknowledged as a bug according to the spec. (I was on jury duty today,
so I'm not at work to grab text from the old message.)

If inc/b.jsp contains

<%@ include file="c.jsp" %>

then c.jsp is expected to be in the same directory as b.jsp, regardless of who may have included
b.jsp and from where.

There may be plans to do more work on which haven't taken place yet.  Since
it is probably too late for much to be done to, it would be nice to eliminate
this bug with a patch until that work can be done.

Thanks for your interest.


-----Original Message-----
From: Alex Chaffee
To: Larry Isaacs
Sent: 7/10/00 3:53 PM
Subject: Re: [PATCH]  Fix for nested <%@ include ... %> bug

I don't think that's a bug.  <%@include acts like #include in C -- it
sucks the text in and then proceeds with the compile.  If you want
current-directory-respecting including, use <jsp:include instead.
Then report a bug if *that* doesn't work... :-)

 - Alex

On Mon, Jul 10, 2000 at 07:57:53AM -0400, Larry Isaacs wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> My bug was with:
> a.jsp includes inc/b.jsp which includes c.jsp
> Last I checked, Tomcat would look for c.jsp relative to a.jsp instead
of b.jsp.  The bug mentioned below is a different bug.
> I'll check my bug again to make sure its still there, but I'm pretty
sure it is.
> Larry

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