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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Any progress on the bug tracking system?
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 08:34:00 GMT
on 7/18/2000 1:35 AM, "N. Sean Timm" <> wrote:

> Jon Stevens <> wrote:
>> "I say..." is a lot different than "My idea is..." or "My proposal is..."
> This is means the same thing to me.  Especially as just a
> member of this mailing could my "I say" possibly imply anything
> above and beyond any authority I possess?  Ah well...

It is semantics, but unfortunately they do not convey well over email in
this case. 

Just like you and brian mosely think I'm a prick for disagreeing strongly
about something and not being afraid to back down when I feel I'm right. I'm
not a prick in person and I think you would understand what I'm saying
better if we had an in person meeting.

> Oddly enough, I was just about to send out an email to this effect.  If no
> one else wants to step up to the plate, I'm willing to attempt this install
> on my box at home.  Unfortunately, it isn't the best setup (I think
> something is wrong with my box...I have to reboot several times to get past
> a CRC halt error after a power-down.), but it'll do the trick.  I can make
> sure the box keeps running...:)

Great. Let us know when it is up and running. Also, the website is in CVS.
Send me a diff that fixes the links for the BTS to go to your site.



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