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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Bug tracking (was Re: Any progress on the bug tracking system?)
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 08:30:46 GMT
on 7/18/2000 1:06 AM, "Geoff Soutter" <> wrote:

> Hmm, this sure is an interesting thread. ;-)

Your message is definitely the most interesting. :-)

> Here's my 2c.... PS, I read throught the Guidelines, hope no-one minds me
> initiating this vote even though I'm just a "Developer" rather than a
> "Committer".

Sure! Your input is really well thought out!

> 1) not having a bug tracking system sucks, i've personally submitted bug
> reports that have been "lost" on multiple occasions, as has the original
> poster. I'll bet there are others out there too. I find it frustrating to
> say the least that I can't get bugs fixed that I've known about since Tomcat
> was JWSDK! :-)

Did you submit your patch and have the email start with a [PATCH]? If so,
I'm surprised that it got lost. Craig and Costin have been doing a really
good job with keeping track of patches, especially the last few months. I
even try to pick a few up when I get the chance.

> 2) you can't blame any of the committers on the list for "losing" them,
> they're pretty much all volunteers and are way busy. But at the same time,
> you can't fix them yourself unless you are a committer.

So then get a committer to nominate you to become a committer. It isn't that
hard to become a committer, simply show us that you make good patches and
ask for it!

> 3) existing commiters need to be able to find bugs reports, patches, etc
> easily whenever they have some spare time for fixing them in order to fix
> our bugs, and that is pretty hard without a bug tracking system.

I agree. That is why I'm developing a solution to fix that issue.

> 4) waiting a few months for scarab may be OK for Jon (who I think may
> himself be a committer)

Clarification, I'm a bit more than a committer, I'm also on the PMC.


> or any other committer who can fix bugs themselves
> whenever they see fit, but it leaves us people who are relying on the good
> will of existing committers to fix bugs out in the cold.

Not at all. Become a committer.

> 5) To avoid the above problems, and thus to allow us non committers to
> contribute meaningfully to the project, I'd really like to see a bug-fixed
> mozilla (* or _any_ workable system) installed ASAP!

Why not just become a committer and make sure the patches get in yourself?
That is a perfectly acceptable way to avoid the problems you mention. :-) It
worked for me when I first started working on the Apache JServ project.

> All those in favour? (+1 from me)

-1 for all of my previously stated reasons.

Since this isn't a democracy, end of discussion. :-)


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