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From Stephen Benson <>
Subject Pathname problem on NT4 at startup? Possibly JBuilder or JRun imp licated?
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2000 12:23:31 GMT
I have Tomcat and Jrun installed on default ports (Tomcat 8080; JRun 8000,
8100); I also followed the instructions to integrate JBuilder and Tomcat,
although I don't think this is relevent.

At startup something tries to access:

and fails. I assume this is trying to get to E:\Program Files\something

The only Java thing here is JBuilder: E:\Program Files\JBuilder35. 

And I can't get to the IIS/PWS home page at localhost etc anymore, although
all diagnostics say it's running.

All my Java stuff (JRun, Tomcat, JDKs etc) is installed at E:\Java 
except a JRE 1.3 under c:\Javasoft\jre\1.3 which shouldn't be used AFAIK

I know this looks OT, and everything points to JRun or JBuilder, _except_
that it is Tomcat that uses port 8080.

Any ideas?

Stephen Benson
+44 (0)7958 533 599

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