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Subject Re: Watchdog Test Successes
Date Sat, 01 Jul 2000 23:52:49 GMT

Craig R. McClanahan wrote:
> The "implicitImportServlet" test is the one I just fixed -- you will need
> update your Watchdog to the most recent CVS version (checked in this

It looks like you missed the morning by nearly five minutes, even on the
west coast.  ;-)

I see two failures, but both are the same servlet, so this is great news!

Things look good for a beta tomorrow.  All that essentially is remaining is
a final regression test that the tars unpack on various operating systems,
the tests pass on various combinations of JDKs and operating systems.

After that I'll go back and add the tomcat tests my nightly build, and I'll
explore adding both Catalina builds and tests into the mix.  I presume that
there are no objections on your part?  ;-)

Once the tests are in place, I'll look into the automation of a weekly
milestone release.  Since the output of the tests are not in XML, I'll
likely implement this via a Perl script for now.

- Sam Ruby

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