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Subject Re: Using xerces/jaxp with Tomcat
Date Sat, 01 Jul 2000 22:55:14 GMT

I would like propose making JAXP a hard prereq for Tomcat 3.2.  There are
too many people finding Tomcat difficult to install and use with other
Apache projects.

It looks like all this would take is the removal of a few lines in JspUtil
and XmlMapper.

Regarding the following comment in JspUtil:

    // Will try first to use JAXP, if that fails revert to old method.
    // This will go away soon - but it's required if you want to use tomcat
    // inside j2ee ( class conflict, bug - can't use jaxp right now)

What is the outlook for this being fixed?  If necessary, can we put this
code on a separate branch for J2EE?

- Sam Ruby

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