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From Nacho <>
Subject Weird Locale problem
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2000 00:39:00 GMT
Hola a todos

I'm experiencing a very very weird problem, it seems like jdk 1.3.0
extracts locales from Accept-Languajes header in reverse order ( bad )
than jdk 1.2.2 ( good ) that is if i try setting "en, es" ( in that
order ) locale in my browser, jdk 1.3.0 gives me first "es" and second
"en" thus getting the other locale messages, when i try such thing in
jdk 1.2.2 it gives "en,es" thus getting the correct bundle...

Can somebody check this ?? i'm on win2k running browser and tomcat in
win2k, is easy to reproduce this, set your browser locale to Spanish in
first place and English in second as Spanish is the only other locale
supported by tomcat, and try to get HelloServlet or a directory page
changing the order of the locale, when you set English in first place
you'll get Spanish messages and when Spanish in first place you'll get
English messages, or i'm mad 

When i try with try setting 3 locale in the browser on ly the last 2 are
in reverse orderl that is in the browser "en,es,de" and in tomcat ( jdk
1.3.0 ) i get "en,de,es" , and remember this goes by with jdk 1.2.2

i'm getting crazy with this issue.

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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