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From Daniel Haischt <>
Subject Re: building mod_jk on freebsd 4.0
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 18:16:36 GMT

>Great, another FreeBSD user !!!
>Can you help me with the JDK1.2.2 - I can't start tomcat with it
>( it just crashes ).

there is a port of the blackdown linux-jdk (v1.2.2) under /usr/ports/java.
just build the port and everything should just run smoothly - never had
a crash or anything else while running tomcat.

if the port doesn't appear in your ports collection, you're ports collection
is definitely out of sync - means you have to update it via cvsup.

a manual download of the port should do it, too.

>I'm a mostly a Linux user, I have very limited experience on FreeBSD,
>but I have to do a free bsd install and I'm stuck - jdk1.1 is very
>slow and I have a hungup problem that may be related with the

viva FreeBSD ;-)


daniel haischt

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