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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Jasper jspSetproperty with value="" does not set the property
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2000 04:19:49 GMT
While playing around with some JSP beans & custom tags I tried to do the following...

<jsp:setProperty name="somename" property="someproperty" value=""/>

and the value didn't get changed.
I traced it down to the code below in Jaspers JspRuntimeLibrary.introspecthelper()

I couldn't find anything to say that an empty string is not a valid value
in the JSP 1.1 spec.  If it is not valid, then the above setProperty should
cause a ParseException to be thrown.  Not ignore it.

I think an empty string should be valid, and the below '|| value.equals("")'

Unless anyone has strong objections to this, I'll make the change and then
submit my first commit. :-)

                } else {                
                    //XXX please check. 
                    if(value == null || value.equals("")) return;
                    Object oval = convert(value, type);
                    if ( oval != null ) 
                        method.invoke(bean, new Object[] { oval });



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