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From Anil Vijendran <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] New build targets for Tomcat
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2000 02:02:52 GMT
Jon Stevens wrote:

> on 7/21/2000 6:41 PM, "Anil Vijendran" <> wrote:
> > Well, *I* just don't see the need for that option or a good reason *from you*.
> > ("I
> > want" is not good enough for me.)
> Ok fine, here is my reason. I agree with Sam. :-)

I knew you'd come up with a real good one ;-)

> > +1 on making both Tomcat and Jasper more modular, and furthermore, +1 on
> > any progress towards the goal of making Jasper run on any servlet engine
> > that conforms to the interfaces defined in jakarta-servletapi.
> >
> > For further background purposes: at the moment, IBM's WebSphere can not be
> > separated from its implementation of the servlet specification.  For
> > various reasons, including release cycles and customer input, there may be
> > periods where the latest release of WebSphere does not implement the latest
> > specification.  As I indicated, WebSphere customers can't replace the
> > servlet engine, but this need not be the case for the JSP implementation.
> >
> > - Sam Ruby

I haven't seen Sam say he wants separate Tomcat + Tomcat w JSP builds. Sam?

> :-)
> btw, Anil, you are the only one who is expressing a -1 at this point.

I wonder if you read threads generated by you fully yourself. Danno, Glenn and
I have expressed -1s.

I'm not very relegious about this at all. I just think saying Jakarta is about
Servlets *and* JSP in one place and then separating them by making different builds
to suit random whims and fancies undermines Jakarta.

Ultimately, I'm sure I can be convinced its just that your reasons don't hold much
water: things like there's more people with +1s in the herd are useless. (Besides,
I can see those +1s too.)

Peace, Anil +<:-)

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