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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: A third party short summary of Classloader woes - aren't they allcaused by..
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 15:09:43 GMT
> So can I collect any agreement on the issue of org.w3c.dom?  Despite the
> good intentions of ostensibly intelligent people, it is not a good thing to
> put two different packages under the same package name?

My argument was about class ordering and the security ( and about using
class loader to prevent downcasting instead of using the design patterns).

About what gets into the server classpath - and the DOM version, that's
something else. We can fix tomcat to not use DOM ( there is only one
class in jasper, and it can be changed to sax easily), and have only
SAX in classpath.

Keep in mind that a next version of JDK will ( probably)
include JAXP and a parser, so the DOM will be part of the "system"
( and I do hope no class loader will override the system classes ).

My impression was that DOM2 extends DOM1 and ( according to
java versioning docs) you should be able to use DOM1 apps with
DOM2 parser. I have to check that, but if so we'll just need to make
sure a DOM2 parser is included.

If not - then we're in trouble ( and again, since this will be part of JDK
we are in a dangerous case if we override it ). I hope this is not the case.


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