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From "Patrick J. McNerthney" <>
Subject Re: Jasper code generation problem (bug?)
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 22:36:41 GMT
Did I submit this question to the right place?

"Patrick J. McNerthney" wrote:
> When I create a custom tag with a name that contains a dash, such as
> "Foo-Bar", Jasper uses this name in the generation of the variable name
> used to hold the instance of this tag.  Since the dash is not a valid
> java variable character, this code does not compile under javac.  Other
> JSP compilers, such as WebLogic do handle tag names with dashes fine.
> The JavaServer Pages Specification, Version 1.1 states in section 5.3.5
> that the name element's PCDATA is comprised of NMTOKEN (name token),
> which according to the XML specification includes the dash.
> Is this a problem with Jasper or does the JSP specification in fact
> preclude the use of dashes in the name element PCDATA?
> Thanks,
> Pat McNerthney
> Icicle Software, Inc.
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