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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Bug tracking (was Re: Any progress on the bug trackingsystem?)
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 17:39:20 GMT
Geoff Soutter wrote:

> "Jon Stevens" <> wrote:
> > Did you submit your patch and have the email start with a [PATCH]? If so,
> > I'm surprised that it got lost. Craig and Costin have been doing a really
> > good job with keeping track of patches, especially the last few months. I
> > even try to pick a few up when I get the chance.
> When I remember. Some are so small they don't qualify as a patch per se, you
> don't even really need a diff. More like a line number :-). I have noticed
> that Craig is usually jonny-on-the-spot when it comes to Catalina bug fixes,
> which makes me look forward to 4.0 ... :-)

Yes, Geoff is one of the several people who have submitted not only
reports, but patches as well -- thanks for that!

I've been silent on this thread so far because, as serendipity would
have it, I
spent most of yesterday reading back through the TOMCAT-DEV archives (I
had kept
>1000 that needed to be reviewed from early May) and applying the patches that
hadn't been done yet.  I've still got the first couple of weeks of July
to catch
up on as well :-(.  They are in the main branch of CVS (not yet in
because I'd like someone else to verify that I didn't do something
foolish in my

Geoff (and others who have submitted patches), could you review the CVS
messages from yesterday and make sure I got all of yours?

> [snip]
> > > 5) To avoid the above problems, and thus to allow us non committers to
> > > contribute meaningfully to the project, I'd really like to see a
> bug-fixed
> > > mozilla (* or _any_ workable system) installed ASAP!

Speaking as a "customer" (in a sense) of Bugzilla when it was running
reading bug reports, processing them, and marking them closed) it was
than nothing -- but not a *lot* better.  The problem is in your
comment about a "workable" system :-).

In the short term, I would willingly utilize Bugzilla hosted elsewhere
(than on
an web site, until Scarab is ready.  The following
suggestions would
make this work better for all concerned:

* The server it's hosted on needs to be visible to the Internet 7/24. 
  work on Tomcat around the clock.  (And Jon, don't you think backups
  would be appropriate :-)

* It should be set up by someone who understands the security issues and
  is willing to actively manage it (if necessary) to avoid security

* One (or more) of the existing committers should be given admin rights
  on the Bugzilla installation, so that they can do things like add new
  categories and version numbers to the drop down lists.

* At this point in time, it may not be worthwhile trying to import the
  bugs database -- although it would be worth having someone scan the
  old ones and enter bug reports for problems that still exist.

(So this is a +1 on the proposal to host Bugzilla elsewhere in the short

> geoff

Craig McClanahan

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