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From Edward Wolpert <>
Subject Re: Tomcat, Catalina, and Java2
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 16:49:59 GMT
Matthew Dornquast wrote:
> James Cook
> > I'm a little surprised at the friendly infighting.
> I'd like to voice some concern as well.
> It's confusing to me.

I'm afraid I started the confusing aspects of the discussion.  From what
I can
tell, the issue was from the start: can we state that Tomcat 4.x
Java2 rather than needing to support JDK 1.1 in Tomcat 4.x.  Correct me
if I'm
wrong about this. I thought that Catalina is only the proposed new arch
Tomcat 4.x. That doesn't mean that new code discoveries in Catalina
don't make
it into Tomcat 3.x. Just that code that requires Java2 won't be in
Tomcat 3.x 
core product. The core of catalina isn't restricted as Tomcat 3.x is in

The issue I asked about was only which 'version' of Java2 would be
for Tomcat 4.x. Jdk1.2 or Jdk 1.3. I mention this because by the time
Tomcat 4.x starts, the BSD folks won't have Jdk1.3 ready... currently,
only have jdk1.2 in alpha stage.

>Should I be architecting my session server for Catalina instead of Tomcat?

This I can't help with. Personally, I wouldn't just yet.  I'd build it
Tomcat 3.x arch, and when Tomcat 4.x work starts, then start looking at
the new
arch. What do other folks think?


Edward Wolpert

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