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From Theunis W de Jongh <>
Subject Status code 207
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2000 14:03:26 GMT

Hi all

If I need to return a status code that is not supported in the
Servlet2.2 API, how do I go about it ?

Reason I ask, is that in order for a DAV compliant message header to
be generated, status code 207 needs to be returned to the client.

The first line of the header needs to be :

        HTTP/1.1 207 Multi-status

Is the solution to just not set the status parameter in the response
and add the above to the header. What method would be used to add the
single line, instead of setHeader( String, String )?

Further on, how can one set the order of header strings in the header ?
The DAV servlet I am currently modifying sets the header contents in 
a specific order, but they arrive at the client in a different order
than the setting order.

Tomcat also appends its own header lines, among others Servlet-Engine
and Date. I also set a  Date header, thus two headers arrive client
side. Is there a way to suppress the Tomcat generation of headers, also
the setting of status code to 200 ?

If there is a documentation set discussing these issues, please point 
me to it.

Apologies if these issues have been addressed previously.
Any replies appreciated.

Kind regards,
Theunis de Jongh.

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