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From "Dan Martens" <>
Subject Tomcat Servlet API and init methods
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2000 11:15:33 GMT
I'm sorry to bother you but unfortunatly I feel as though I have an 
obligation to see this further.  The issue of Tomcat init'ing each global 
servlet four times to cover each context seems like overkill and an 
unneccessary use of computer resources.  Would it not be much more efficent 
and a better overall programming practice to expand the Servlet API to allow 
for mulitple contexts rather than creating four times as many objects to 
handle each seperate context?  If Tomcat is to be a large scale commercial 
web server wouldn't these resources that each of these created objects 
occupy in memory and CPU time be better used for the handling of the 
thousands of hits a large web site may experience?  Perhaps the current 
implementation of Tomcat is relying too heavily on the hardware than on 
efficent logic?  The expansion of the servlet API may be a difficult task, 
and some server code would have to be re-written, but I believe it would be 
in the best interests of Tomcat.  Does anyone else out there agree with me?
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