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From Nick Bauman <>
Subject ! Bug Tracking System installed !
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2000 03:49:44 GMT
We have a (proposed) bug tracking system again, at
least for the time being, until Scarab is ready. Sorry
this took longer than it should have but my day job
takes precence.

Please check out:

Especially ASF, SMS and IBM committers, I can
certainly take direction from the community. I'm not
using apache at all, I have Tomcat running as the
webserver listening on an unprivledged port being NATd
through my firewall from port 80.

You may add yourself as a user and add bug reports.
Furthermore, as an admin, you may take reports and
associate them to identified bugs. There's quite a bit
of neat stuff, including the ability to accept and
process reports via email. 

There is no javadoc nor is there and design doc with
this thing. And it DOES NOT work in any context other
than the /ROOT.war. It's fairly brittle.

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