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From Nick Bauman <>
Subject Re: Tomcat deployment in real world
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 20:06:56 GMT

--- Rajesh Nair <> wrote:

> 1. What are the limitations on Tomcat in terms of
> robustness: Can it handle
> only so many hits? Is there
>     an actual number to this limitation?

There are limitations that depend mostly on the JVM
you are using and the operating system and the
hardware, just like any program that uses Java and
your OS of choice.

> 3. This is more of a general Apache question : is
> there any chance of
> Apache being built with Tomcat integrated 
>     into it in the near future?

I don't know, but this wouldn't be very beneficial
considering Apache's current architecture. If you are
looking at an in-process implementation of Tomcat,
take a look at ns_tomcat for AOLServer. I understand
it is about 2x-3x faster than Apache+Tomcat today.

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