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From Nick Bauman <>
Subject Re: A third party short summary of Classloader woes - aren't they allcaused by..
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 16:35:41 GMT
--- Costin Manolache <> wrote:

> My impression was that DOM2 extends DOM1 and (
> according to
> java versioning docs) you should be able to use DOM1
> apps with
> DOM2 parser. I have to check that, but if so we'll
> just need to make
> sure a DOM2 parser is included.

That was my impression, too. But a lot of the behavior
of the parser with DOM (whether 2 or 1 DOM) depends in
the impl. I learned that the hard way comparing
examples from an IBM impl and doing a project using

Since this is all in Java anyway, I think it would go
a long way toward improving things if we went with
SAX. You end up with something for-purpose made for
your application, instead of a kinda clunky DOM
object. Just my opinion.

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