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From Nick Bauman <>
Subject VOTE: Bugrat a viable alternative to Bugzilla?
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 04:35:28 GMT
Thanks, Dina;

Could we have a vote from the community on BugRat?
What do you all think?

I'm wrangling a chroot environment in conjunction with
thttpd on a server right now to help allieviate the
security and bandwidth problem(s) of Bugzilla
specifically for you reading this email. And I _just
_got perl and thttpd to work under the chroot and now,
even after all that, praise the skys, a servlet-based
bug reporting tool sure would be great.

I would prefer to see something that doesn't need a
crazy chroot environment, (as much fun as it has been
to set up) so my vote it +1 for bugrat.

It has one thing missing that bugzilla has: the
ability to attach a patch as a downloadable file,
which I think is kinda nice. But that's just me.

--- Dima Nechitaylenko <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was going to bring up the subject of bug tracking
> software once
> again from a new point of view. I've read a lively
> discussion of
> the topic of bugzilla security and in this respect I
> want to turn
> my question into a suggestion as well. 
> See, I was installing a package called BugRat,
> and had problems with class
> under tomcat.
> Now, I wanted to ask everybody if they had ever
> tried bugrat, but,
> I understand I first have to introduce this
> Java/MySQL bug tracking
> tool to those of you, who talk only about one
> cgd-based tool and
> another non-existent yet. Go check it out, I know it
> works fine
> with JServ, but I need to start it under tomcat and
> I want help in
> this. 
> Thanks for your time.
> take care,
> Dima
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