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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Re: Bugs/patches - need help
Date Sat, 08 Jul 2000 12:29:53 GMT
> > OK, I'm going through and wiping out all stack traces.  I don't know
> > how long it will take; I doubt it will be done for 3.2 beta 1.  I've
> I think the problem is a bit more complex.
> First, we need to have the stack traces in all places where something
> shouldn't happen.  A good way to find the extra ones is to run watchdog
> and verify that no stack trace is printed.
> We should add more stack traces and messages for abnormal situations,
> it is very important to have this.

Right, I agree completely. I didn't really mean "wipe out" -- I meant
"convert literal t.printStackTrace() to loghelper.log("reason", t)"
where loghelper prints the exception to a log (or to System.err if the
log is unavailable), and also prints the root cause (which
printStackTrace does not).  Also, I'm adding in a few.

Shall I show you the changes I've made, so you can confirm they're OK
before I check them in?

> The main problem is with exceptions that are frequent and we know
> what is wrong - BrokenPipe for example. The difficulty consist in
> filtering BrokenPipe, but to display all other IOExceptions.
> What we do now is to check for "Broken Pipe" in the message -but that
> doesn't work in foreign langauges.
> Right now I don't know any solution for that...

I agree; this is something I keep hoping will be fixed in the next
version of Java (more, better-defined IO/net sub-exceptions) but never
seems to happen.

Alex Chaffee             
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