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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Re: Code freeze ?
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 07:25:00 GMT
On Wed, Jun 28, 2000 at 01:46:58PM -0400, wrote:
> Costin wrote:
> > I think we are in a good shape, I'm happy with the features we have,
> > and I have only few minor changes today, and I'm ready to freeze if
> > everyone else agree. I hope we'll have few bugs and a shorter release
> > cycle :-).
> Let's just make sure that when it is frozen, it compiles cleanly ;-)

Freeze meaning "claiming feature-complete for 3.2" or "let's push out
a pre-release milestone"?

-1 on 3.2 (I'd like to wrap up my current logging changes first, won't
take long)

+1 on arbitrary milestone with no promise of feature-complete

> New discussion point: how about an automated weekly milestone?  Main
> difference between this and a nightly build would not only be the
> frequency, but the weekly release could be conditional on the successful
> passing of watchdog.  Thoughts?


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