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From Ana von Klopp Lemon <>
Subject Unexpected behaviour of RequestInterceptor with forwarding
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 22:40:15 GMT


I noticed some unexpected behaviour from a RequestInterceptor when the 
request is for a JSP which contains a directive to forward to another
	<jsp:forward page="SimpleJSP.jsp" />

For this type of request, the preService() method is invoked but the
postService() is not.

Also, if you use

	<jsp:forward page="SimpleJSP.jsp?numtimes=4" />

then the parameters are forwarded but the querystring is not, so a
request interceptor handling the request for SimpleJSP.jsp?numtimes=4
would do the following

    public int preService(Request request, Response response) { 
        request.getQueryString(); -> returns null
        request.getParameterNames(); -> returns enumeration consisting 
				        of "numtimes"


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