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From "Geoff Soutter" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Bug tracking (was Re: Any progress on the bug trackingsystem?)
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 08:57:48 GMT
"Jon Stevens" <> wrote:
> on 7/18/2000 1:06 AM, "Geoff Soutter" <> wrote:
> > Hmm, this sure is an interesting thread. ;-)
> Your message is definitely the most interesting. :-)


> > 1) not having a bug tracking system sucks, i've personally submitted bug
> > reports that have been "lost" on multiple occasions, as has the original
> > poster. I'll bet there are others out there too. I find it frustrating
> > say the least that I can't get bugs fixed that I've known about since
> > was JWSDK! :-)
> Did you submit your patch and have the email start with a [PATCH]? If so,
> I'm surprised that it got lost. Craig and Costin have been doing a really
> good job with keeping track of patches, especially the last few months. I
> even try to pick a few up when I get the chance.

When I remember. Some are so small they don't qualify as a patch per se, you
don't even really need a diff. More like a line number :-). I have noticed
that Craig is usually jonny-on-the-spot when it comes to Catalina bug fixes,
which makes me look forward to 4.0 ... :-)

> > 2) you can't blame any of the committers on the list for "losing" them,
> > they're pretty much all volunteers and are way busy. But at the same
> > you can't fix them yourself unless you are a committer.
> So then get a committer to nominate you to become a committer. It isn't
> hard to become a committer, simply show us that you make good patches and
> ask for it!

The bug fixes I posted were really small (eg just a few lines), I don't have
the time to do more that that at the moment, so I don't know if I justify
being a committer. And, more to the point, I'd really like a solution that
works for non-committers as well as committers, cos not everyone
wants/deserves the responsibility.

> > 5) To avoid the above problems, and thus to allow us non committers to
> > contribute meaningfully to the project, I'd really like to see a
> > mozilla (* or _any_ workable system) installed ASAP!
> Why not just become a committer and make sure the patches get in yourself?
> That is a perfectly acceptable way to avoid the problems you mention. :-)
> worked for me when I first started working on the Apache JServ project.

I dunno, I think maybe I'm too busy to really get seriously involved in this
project, and I thought you had to be "serious" before becoming a committer.

I saw in some other messages there was a volunteer to run BugZilla on
another server, maybe thats the compromise solution we're after? Why didn't
I think of that... :-(


> Since this isn't a democracy, end of discussion. :-)



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