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From "Geoff Soutter" <>
Subject [VOTE] Bug tracking (was Re: Any progress on the bug tracking system?)
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 08:06:33 GMT
Hmm, this sure is an interesting thread. ;-)

<ego-control flame="off">

Here's my 2c.... PS, I read throught the Guidelines, hope no-one minds me
initiating this vote even though I'm just a "Developer" rather than a

1) not having a bug tracking system sucks, i've personally submitted bug
reports that have been "lost" on multiple occasions, as has the original
poster. I'll bet there are others out there too. I find it frustrating to
say the least that I can't get bugs fixed that I've known about since Tomcat
was JWSDK! :-)

2) you can't blame any of the committers on the list for "losing" them,
they're pretty much all volunteers and are way busy. But at the same time,
you can't fix them yourself unless you are a committer.

3) existing commiters need to be able to find bugs reports, patches, etc
easily whenever they have some spare time for fixing them in order to fix
our bugs, and that is pretty hard without a bug tracking system.

4) waiting a few months for scarab may be OK for Jon (who I think may
himself be a committer) or any other committer who can fix bugs themselves
whenever they see fit, but it leaves us people who are relying on the good
will of existing committers to fix bugs out in the cold.

5) To avoid the above problems, and thus to allow us non committers to
contribute meaningfully to the project, I'd really like to see a bug-fixed
mozilla (* or _any_ workable system) installed ASAP!

All those in favour? (+1 from me)


hope this helps


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