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From "N. Sean Timm" <>
Subject Re: Any progress on the bug tracking system?
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 08:35:01 GMT
Jon Stevens <> wrote:
> "I say..." is a lot different than "My idea is..." or "My proposal is..."

This is means the same thing to me.  Especially as just a
member of this mailing could my "I say" possibly imply anything
above and beyond any authority I possess?  Ah well...

> One thing that I think is really funny that you guys haven't thought of
> at least stated on the list):
> "Host the bugzilla on another machine than the"
> I'm not stopping you.

Oddly enough, I was just about to send out an email to this effect.  If no
one else wants to step up to the plate, I'm willing to attempt this install
on my box at home.  Unfortunately, it isn't the best setup (I think
something is wrong with my box...I have to reboot several times to get past
a CRC halt error after a power-down.), but it'll do the trick.  I can make
sure the box keeps running...:)

- Sean T.

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