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From "Matthew Dornquast" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat, Catalina, and Java2
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 16:26:56 GMT
James Cook

> I'm a little surprised at the friendly infighting.

I'd like to voice some concern as well.
It's confusing to me.
Should I be architecting my session server for Catalina instead of Tomcat?
Is the time I've invested in learning how Tomcat works wasted?

Sure, Tomcat has it's flaws, but they don't seem terminal.

I really like that Costin appears to be integrating the "good stuff" from
Catalina.  If the best features of Catalina are assimilated, why have a
Catalina?  Why not work to improve the Tomcat collective?

History shows the best architecture/software design most definitely does not
win by default.

In fact, often the opposite is true.

Perhaps we should be building in more flaws into Tomcat to insure it's world
domination?  I think we need a DS register, a 64k limit to servlet size and
a serial interface to the Internet. :)


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