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From Jim Rudnicki <>
Subject Small bug: All these little "};"s
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 06:21:38 GMT
In a vain attempt, I was just using Forte to try to debug 3.2b1.
Alas, there seem to be many dangling semicolons like the one below from

 public boolean isOutDated() {
        return true;

That last semicolon is an "empty member declaration" as far as the Forte's
ide compiler is concerned.  They create a sea of warnings that stop the
compile.  There are _many_ of them--a quick search pulled up over 100.
Jasper is widely infected, but other packages show it.  I would guess that
someone's tool is creating these.

Well, Sun says they ain't part of the language spec, so they probably gotta
go, but it's not trivial because a few "};" are valid.  More important the
source of these needs to be rooted out, or they will keep spreading.

How's that for trivia,

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