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From Michael Taylor <>
Subject jsp:include -- writer vs. output stream AND what should be included?
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 00:28:52 GMT
I have two issues to raise re: includes

1.  If I include a static HTML page and then include a servlet, I will get an
exception if the servlet attempts to call request.getOutputStream() saying that
a writer is already in use.  When you are call existing servlets that use the
output stream, you must now rewrite those servlets in order to use them.  

Is there some workaround?  I wrote my own include tag for this purpose, but it
would seem better to me if the output stream and writer for the request could
be merged in some way that you could safely use both of them.  Does anybody
know anything more on this issue?

2.  If I include another html page using jsp:include, it's not very smart.  It
just includes the entire page.  This leads to pages with multiple <html> and
<body> elements.  How can you get all these merged into one logical document
using jsp tags?  Is this even possible?  What about JavaScript naming
collisions?  Are there any tricks to resolve these?

Thanks for any information,

Mike Taylor

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