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From <>
Subject Re: [integration in jBoss] class loader question
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2000 17:36:13 GMT
> > I think parent should be set - if it isn't we need to fix that.
> Well, it seems that ACL's constructor is called, and then ACL.setParent is
> called with null as the parent classloader...

ACL is constructed by AdaptiveServletLoader ( which is the adapter
between tomcat and  class loader). AdaptiveServletLoader has a property
called parentClassLoader that can be set ( for example when the context
manager is initialized ) - and it pass this info to ACL.

Check the latest sources, I did ( and I'll still do ) fixes in this area.

> (I'm working with 3.2 CVS sources, not catalina)

So am I :-)


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