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From <>
Subject Re: VOTE: JDK1.2 compiler
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2000 19:25:20 GMT
> what are the 1.2 features being used that so many other JSP
> implementations do not need?  Im not as concerned over using 1.2 compilers
> as I am over what kind of overly complex design is demanding the use of
> 1.2-only reflection, "complex code", etc.

The complex code and reflection is needed to use 1.2 features while
compiling with 1.1. 

For example, JNDI and other extensions do use 1.2 Thread-
contextClassLoader. You can't use them in tomcat unless tomcat set this,
but you can't compile Thread.setContextClassLoader() in JDK1.1

In tomcat 3.1 we used reflection - the code will compile in 1.1, and will
be executed only if the method is found. This is slow and ugly.

Another feature is the policy-based security. Very few servlet engines
implemet this ( AFAIK ), but I think it is one of the greatest features we
provide - it allows you to run untrusted servlets and JSPs, and sandbox

I am also planing on an alternate mapper that will use collections - it
will be used only in 1.2 env., and will duplicate the current
SimpleMapper, but will be much faster. It's a module you can configure -
but you need 1.2 compiler.


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