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From <>
Subject RE: ApJServMount status
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 21:01:52 GMT
Sorry for the late reply, 

I don't think this is the right fix - the 2.2 servlet spec requires that
the context is determined from the URI prefix. 
I don't like that - but that's another story.

If you want to implement a different "mount" system, where the context is
not the URI prefix - you can implement another Interceptor ( similar with
SimpleMapper) that will allow you to use the (non-standard) contexts.
Your proposal is a good way to do that, but we can't make it the default

ApJservMount works in Servlet 2.2  only if the 2 paths are identical,
zones do map into contexts but "mounting" doesn't.

( BTW, it would be nice if you edit a bit the request processing
description and submit it into Faq-o-matic ! )


> gets on the task of finding that wrapper calling contextMap on each of the
> configurated RequestInterceptors. One of these interceptors will be
> SimpleMapper1 which would get the serverName and the requestURI from the
> request and put them into the variables host and path.  Then it will call
> getLongestPrefixMatch (which is a method of an asociated PrefixMapper)
> passing the args host and path and this polite method will return a
> container that will (finally!) bring the wrapper into life.

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