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From <>
Subject Re: Bridging with
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2000 19:42:08 GMT
> The difference results from the fact that the tomcat and the
> classes have (almost) similar signatures, yet they are different.


I think all we need is a SSLSocketFactory extends

You can use the un-modified PoolTcpConnector, with 
   setAttribute( "socketFactory", my_factory );

What I did ( in my workspace ) is:

<Connector .... (PoolTcpConnector) >
    <parameter   name="socketFactoryClass" 
                 value="" >
    <parameter name="keyStore" value="foo " >
</Connector >

I added a setAttribute() in tomcat factory and pass all the connector
attributes  to the factory.

This seems to work - I just need to plug in the code. It
would be great if you could provide this.

Of course, I don't mind a different solution - but it seems that we can do
that with only one class ( the SSLFactory ) and few small changes.
We can start with that and then add the rest if we need.

( J2EE works fine using only the current hook - but they don't have to
deal with  server.xml config )


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