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From Vasile GABURICI <>
Subject In-process JDK on SPARC?
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2000 01:14:53 GMT

	I've managed to grasp the basics about -lthread and -lpthread on
Solaris from the multithreaded programming guide that at, so
don't bother to respond to my previous mail.

	But I a have another question:

	Has anybody managed to use Tomcat in-process with Sun SPARC JDK
1.2.2_005a production on any web server? I guess any=NES here. I'm asking
this because the document states that dlopen()
CANNOT be used to open this JVM! And all I've got were segfaults.

	If nobody tried this JVM, what JVMs are known to work in-process
with NES on SPARC?

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