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Subject RE: Debugging JSP and servlets in [IDE]
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2000 14:42:37 GMT

Wow, what a day's worth of work.  I am now able to debug both servlets
*and* JSPs in Microsoft Visual J++!  I had to do a bunch of classpath
acrobatics, so that a few classes from Sun's RT.jar get in before MS's
runtime classes, and then MS's get in there, and then the rest of Sun's get
in.  I attempted to document this all as best as I could, and it is now up
on the web at  Both the VCafe
and VJ++ docs I wrote are linked from  Please send me comments!
The files (at least the VJ++ file) will (most likely) be changing
throughout the week, as I get this process ironed out as I help my
co-workers set it up on their boxes.  I hope someone can make something of
my ramblings!  Enjoy!

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