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Subject RE: Debugging JSP and servlets in [IDE]
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2000 13:35:03 GMT

     I, too, have written some documents on debugging JSPs and servlets in
some IDEs.  The one I wrote about Visual Cafe is up at and some of those steps might
help you get the same working in JBuilder.  I did set mine up to run
through Symantec's VM, that comes with VisualCafe, instead of using Sun's.
I've also gotten tomcat to run through Visual J++, using MS's VM, and I can
debug servlets fine, but I can't run or debug JSPs yet, due to a problem I
posted about before on this list, and haven't figured out yet.  I don't
have much written down about getting it to run in Visual J++, but if
someone is interested, I could document it more fully.

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