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From "Chris Higgins" <>
Subject VisualAge JSP Compilation
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2000 18:23:58 GMT

The jasper compiler checks to see if a jsp needs to be recompiled based on
if the *class* file on the filesystem is older than the JSP file.  This
doesn't exactly work in VisualAge since VAJ produces a class file in the
repository (not on the filesystem proper).

I know I am biased in this particular situation, but should Jasper assume
that the java compiler (which doesn't necessarily have to be Sun's) produces
a .class file in the target directory?  That seems like something the
compiler MAY do, but doesn't HAVE TO.  After we run the compiler, its out of
Jasper's hands.  Shouldn't the date comparison be against the generated java
file instead of the class file?

I know that I need this fix for using Tomcat in VisualAge (otherwise every
reload causes the compilation step), and I'm sure others would like to do
the same thing.  I've already made the change on my code base but wondered
if it should be rolled into Tomcat.


Chris Higgins
112 E. Hargett St. Suite 203
Moore Square Arts District
Raleigh, NC, 27601
919.828.6044 phone
919.828.9884 fax

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