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From "James Cook" <>
Subject Suggestion: Change to org.apache.tomcat.util.StringManager
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 03:00:56 GMT
I found it useful to add the following static method to StringManager:

public synchronized static StringManager getManager(String packageName,
ClassLoader loader) {
    StringManager mgr = (StringManager)managers.get(packageName);
    if (mgr == null) {
        mgr = new StringManager(packageName, loader);
        managers.put(packageName, mgr);
    return mgr;

This method exposes the ClassLoader to the getManager() method. It allows a
StringManager class to be instantiated within a servlet. I can now use the
following line in my servlet to create a StringManager:

private StringManager sm = StringManager.getManager(Constants.PACKAGE_NAME,

hope it helps,

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